Faith Promise Offering

As the Restoration Network of churches, we set our missions budget based on our Faith Promise offering. As we prepare for another Faith Promise Sunday on September 25, here is some information you may find helpful.

What if I was not able to give the whole amount on my last year’s Faith Promise?

No problem. Faith Promise does not carry over from one year to the next. It is not a pledge that is due. Rather it is a faith statement that we understand may or may not actually come in. What we find, however, is that while some may not be able to give their whole amount others are able to give more. It all balances out in the end.

What is a Faith Promise Offering?

It is a way to give when you don’t have anything to give. It is an act of faith where a person makes a commitment to give an amount of money for missions based on God’s provision. Faith is trusting God to make funds available for you to give. Promise is to give to missions as God makes the funds available. Offering is a card with the amount you will trust God to enable you to give over the next twelve months.

Is a Faith Promise Scriptural?

The principle of Faith Promise is found in II Corinthians 8:3 where it says the Macedonian believers gave as much as they were able and beyond what they were able. What they were able to give refers to their regular giving. The amount that was beyond their ability was what we call a Faith Promise.

How is a Faith Promise Made?

  • Pray that God will give you an amount for which to believe Him.
  • Commit yourself to fill out a card with the amount putting your faith into action.
  • Look for the different ways God will make it possible for you to give.
  • Be Faithful to give as God enables you.

How is a Faith Promise Supplied?

Does it always come in some dramatic, unexpected manner?

Do I just sit back and wait to see what happens? Sometimes God does the extraordinary but most often it is supplied by creative ideas God may give us to generate extra funds. From the experiences of many individuals and churches, there are three general ways God uses to supply a faith promise.

1. Unexpected. From time to time, God does provide in a miraculous, dramatic way: an unexpected check in the mail; an IRS refund you didn’t know was coming; a pay raise in the exact amount of your faith promise.

2. Reordering Our Priorities. By applying better principles of stewardship, managing what we already have, and adjusting our priorities to reflect our desire to see the world reached with the gospel, we can generate available funds: cutting up credit cards and resisting shopping sprees; putting off buying a new car; buying fewer CDs and other non-essential items.

3. Creative ways. Generating extra income is a way to make more funds available for missions. Holding a yard sale, getting rid of things you don’t need; doing extra babysitting; trusting God to give you ideas for increasing business profits.

When do I turn in my Card?

Sunday, September 25, is Faith Promise Sunday when the Faith Promise offering will be received. The amount on each card will be added up and the total of all the cards in the worship celebration will become our part in the overall missions budget. Our total will be added to the total of all the other Restoration Network churches. The final total will then become the missions budget for Restoration Network International.

What if I can’t be present on September 25?

If, for whatever reason, you will not be able to attend on Faith Promise Sunday, please turn in your card ahead of time. You may call Pastor Marlin or Ruth at 468-6509 to submit the amount that the Lord is laying on your hearts, or e-mail In order for your Faith Promise to be included in the goal, we must receive it by Sunday, September 25.

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