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I most recently blogged about an article in “Worship Leader” magazine’s September 2013 issue called “Meeting Jesus” by Melody Green, widow of the late songwriter, singer, prophet Keith Green.

I want to continue with some additional thoughts on the article. Melody writes concerning the early days of the Jesus Movement: “I long to return to the simplicity of that innocent love for Jesus. Things are again… complicated. The blueprints have been fine-tuned, but much of the heart, erased.” Where has the heart gone? We have fine-tuned everything that we do. We have fine-tuned “church” to the point that the life has been “erased.” I, too, remember those days when things were simple. We read the Bible and did what it said. We didn’t try to explain it; we just believed it and attempted to put it into practice. Sure, we made mistakes. Of course, we did things that we later realized were not what they should have been; but we were seeking God. We were wanting to be faithful to the Word of God as we understood it.

Melody continues: “We judge the lost and insulate ourselves from the world, while celebrity “shepherds” are inaccessible.” Small group fellowships were the norm during the Jesus Movement. More new believers met in living rooms and coffee shops than in churches. Many churches were not open to bearded and jean wearing “hippie types.” Small groups are much easier for unbelievers and new believers to penetrate than many Sunday church services; and many mega-church pastors are totally unavailable to, not only the masses at large, but their own congregations.

I recall conversations with unchurched “Christians” who proclaimed some TV personality as their pastor. I wondered out loud if their “pastor” might show up at the hospital if they got sick. Would their tithe have any impact in their community or would it just help to pad some distant person’s bank account?

Church, real church, is about people connecting with people who are connecting with God. Many think that if they have heard a good sermon they have experienced church. The heart of the church is Jesus in me connecting with Jesus living in you. That causes people to live in such a way that others want to connect with Him as well. That was the Jesus Movement, and it is the way we want church to be in 2013.


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