The Exception Rule

Much of our culture today is being governed by the exception rule. Let me explain.

There was a time when, if we wanted to know how to proceed on an issue, we would look at the norm; how do most people conduct themselves. The very concept of democracy is based on the rule of the majority. If 50.1% see it one way but 49.9% see it another way, the majority rules.

Today, even the smallest minority seems to hold sway. If only one person in a thousand sees it a certain way, that’s the way we move because we want to be inclusive. So 95% of a population may want to open their public meetings with a Christian prayer, but 5% or less object, so we govern by the 5%. The exception rules.

The exception rule applies to the present discussion of same-sex marriage. Whatever number you may want to use, a very small minority of Americans are homosexual. The majority of Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to redefining marriage to include same-sex relationships. However, the exception rules.

It is argued that homosexuality is natural. It occurs throughout the animal kingdom. Again, the exception rules. I will accept that animals sometimes practice homosexual behavior; but it is not the norm. The norm for all sexual behavior is male with female.

A further objection to the animal kingdom argument is that human beings, contrary to what we have been taught in science class, are not animals. If we believe that we are simply the result of a long series of anatomical and biological accidents from some one-celled organism, then accepting that I am just another “beast of the field” isn’t so bad. On the other hand, if I believe that an infinite and highly intelligent Being carefully designed me and created me, unique not only among other humans but humanity unique among all other beings, then I have a serious issue with being compared to animals.

Many of the current problems facing our world come from the fact that many people are simply acting out what they have been taught, that we are nothing special, just another link in the evolutionary chain. If we have not been specially created with purpose and meaning, let’s just be ourselves; survival of the fittest, eat or be eaten. We see “packs” of young men roaming through our city streets, beating up innocent people for no other reason than one person has what another does not. If you have what I want, I will simply take it from you by force. If I am not able to do it alone, then I will gather around me others who are just as animal-like as I am. I satisfy every sexual urge, no matter with whom, simply because my natural desires kick in and my animal nature compels me.

Homosexuality may be natural in the animal kingdom; it may even be natural in humanity. There seem to be many other behaviors that we deal with that are perfectly natural as well. Does that mean we should encourage it simply because it is natural? There are many natural happenings that we guard ourselves against, such as earthquakes and tornadoes. We do everything we can to prevent these things from happening. Just because it’s natural doesn’t make it good.

It used to be believed that there was a “bad gene” in certain people. If your father was a murderer, you would probably be a murderer, too. If your grandfather robbed banks, you would probably steal from the church offering. That belief has been repudiated, and rightly so. Yet, we claim a homosexual gene; we were created this way. Let me say clearly, I don’t know how a person becomes homosexual; but people who insist on scientific explanations for every other area of life should not be too quick to claim a “gay” gene with the current lack of biological evidence.

The Bible teaches that much of what we call “natural” behavior is nothing more, nothing less, than sin. It is a result of the fact that our earliest ancestors chose to rebel against God’s plans for them, and have passed that rebellious seed down through the generations. Jesus came into our world to pay the penalty for that sin for all humanity for all time. He has promised that, if we trust Him with our lives, He will give us the divine resources (the Holy Spirit) to overcome what comes “naturally,” and to enable us to live supernaturally. If we recognize our natural tendencies to violate God’s standards, and yield ourselves to His control (repent), He will release us from the penalty of our actions (forgive us), and will work with us to bring us to a place where we have more of a tendency to do what pleases Him than what pleases our natural tendencies.

More later.

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1 Comment

  1. by Rhoda Jeter

    On May 24, 2012

    Excellent arguments based on the exceptions and the “natural” reasons for doing things. thank you!

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