Why Did Jesus Come?

Israel was supposed to be an instrument in the hands of God to demonstrate God’s power to the nations, so that all the nations of the world would know and fear Him. Of course, they failed miserably, as God knew they would. Israel thought that it was all about them. They thought that God chose them because of who they were; instead of God choosing them in spite of who they were, but because of who He is.

How much are we like Israel? Do we think God saved us and brought us into His eternal family because of who we are? Is salvation all about us? I think our presentation of the gospel portrays it that way. “If you were the only person in the world, God loves you so much that Christ would have died for you.” In theory that may be correct, but why do we even go there? None of us are or ever were the only people in the world. Jesus died for everyone! It’s not about our puny little selves! It is about our great God and His great love! For all people!

Christmas isn’t about what I get. It isn’t even about what I give. It’s about God! It’s about who He is and what He does. He loves in such a way that He gave. My friend, who is a military chaplain, is concerned about the cross being wrapped in the U.S. flag. After all, it’s not about the United States. God isn’t just concerned about America. If we are special to God, it is because He raised us up for a purpose, to expand His kingdom; and we remain a special people as long as we are fulfilling that purpose. When we cease to fulfill our God-given purpose, we will cease to be a privileged nation. God is concerned about all people.

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  1. by Bryan

    On December 5, 2010

    I really enjoyed the sermon today. Especially the part about God choosing Israel to demonstrate his power through them. I picked up my bible today, I’ve been treading through the book of Romans and there it was Rom. 9:17… Ok God, I can take a hint.

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